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Epilogue – November 22 November 22, 2011

Posted by Chris in Faith, Uncategorized.

We gave away bibles this past Sunday. They were these really cool (I think) Christmas-themed Common English Bibles. I wanted to give them away on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, because I knew that the day after Thanksgiving would be Black Friday and that the formidable machinery of Christmas marketing would be at full throttle even before the turkey got cold. In the midst of culture’s Christmas campaign that says “epic fail” if you don’t buy the right stuff, eat the right stuff, wear the right stuff, decorate with the right stuff, etc., the little Christmas bibles emphasize hope over hype, service over selfish, and Christ over consumerism. For those of you who were too tuckered out after last Saturday’s big Baylor win to attend church this past Sunday, I have your bible waiting. You see, the point was not for us to receive them; it was for us to pass them along to someone at risk of getting caught up in Christmas consumerism. That danger is real.

Last night, I went to visit a friend who had surgery earlier in the day. On my way back home, I decided to stop at the market and pick up a couple of things. Driving past a local shopping center, I noticed someone sitting in front of a consumer electronics store. She was bundled up in a blanket and sitting in a folding chair. Rarely do I see homeless persons there, and I stopped to speak to her. She wasn’t homeless. She had a home and a family. She was, in fact, camped out in front of this particular store in order to be the first in line to get one of their Black Friday bargains. She said she had been there since early that morning. This was Monday.

I asked what her family thought of her taking almost a whole week away from them, missing the Thanksgiving holiday, so that she could save a few bucks on Friday morning. She paused, and then said, “Once they see the TV I’m gonna get, they’ll understand.” I went back to my car and got her one of the Christmas bibles. I gave it to her, explaining that the CEB is a new, fresh translation of the bible, that it’s really easy to read, and that there’s even a foreword in this particular bible that talks about the meaning of Christmas. She said, “Oh believe me, I’ve got plenty of Christmas spirit. Can’t you tell?”

There are people in our communities who equate Christmas Spirit with spending a week camped out in front of an electronics store to get a deal on a TV. I have more Christmas bibles to give away. I think you know what to do.



1. Carl Freeto - November 22, 2011

Chris, I great read and raises many questions…I really like the giving out Bibles to give away…Your conversation with the person outside the electronics store raises several questions. One is “How do you talk with people about the birth of Christ when they are sure Christmas is about finding a bargain?” And, although I am with you on the Bible (and, if she runs out of ipads, telephones, internet access, and all the other ‘must haves’ of our culture…she might even read some parts of it), what is it that she is really looking for? It would be real scary if it was a TV.

2. John Caudle - November 27, 2011

Hey Chris,

Thank you for being alert to seeking out those who may need to be reminded of the promises of God’s love, healing, forgiveness and grace that are made known to everyone who delves into God’s words to be found in the Holy Bible. Reading of your effort to disciple others for Jesus Christ has my Christmas spirit soaring. Thank you and keep up your precious mission.

In His love,

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